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Service commitment

Di medical headhunter ( to provide personalized quality headhunting services to be provided with the best candidates. We recommend candidates for the company's performance as a measure of our success or failure benchmark.

Recommended: the initial cooperation customers, the signing of a formal contract, we will give customers advance to nominate candidates were 2-4 / posts, in order to accept the strength of our customer inspection.

Efficient: the formal signing of contracts with customers, we will be in 1-2 weeks time to the first batch of customers recommend suitable candidates 3-5 / posts.

Honesty: conservative clients confidential to ensure that the Occupational Safety and candidates not in agreement within the time from our customers-we recommend digging successful candidates.

Concessions: for customers successful candidates recommended 10 / years later, in the next year we will be free agents searched for a new, intermediate posts.

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