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We locked in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, medical management, health care products are the major industries of biological engineering. In China, the pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly, the high profit margins of the industry, with the pharmaceutical industry in the world every year with 18% -20% of the high rate of growth, China's pharmaceutical industry, the demand for professionals with the state annually.

Such a high growth rate for the future not only for the development of a solid foundation, but it also hints at the pharmaceutical industry's demand for high-level talent urgency.Not only for senior professionals familiar with the industry information and, more importantly can change so quickly in the environment how to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises.In such circumstances, requiring responsible for the recruitment of personnel proficient in industry knowledge, this can be found to meet the above requirements.Di headhunting and medical advisers have a very thorough understanding, and this principle to the table.

Representative posts

High-end jobs: Finance Director, Technical Director, R & D director, director of sales, R & D Director, Commercial Director, direct marketing general manager, director of the Institute, the vice president of production;

Midrange jobs: research and development manager, in charge of quality, sales manager, regional manager, product manager, in charge of procurement, technical services manager, QCQA senior managers, senior engineers and other agents;

Difficult position: small overseas marketing manager languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Swahili, etc.)

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