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Di medical headhunter ( Medical headhunting consultancy nature of the work: full-time Location: Beijing
Number: some salary: Negotiable
Work Experience: Open-Education: Bachelor and above
Job Description and requirements
Job Description: Job Description:
1. Collection, analysis and peer target sectors of business information, to evaluate potential business opportunities, identify potential customers
2. Extended or advertising business, and potential build relationships with customers, develop new customers, to ensure the maintenance and new business development
3. Responsible for the client in identifying and hunting methods employed to engage hunting proposals to provide value-added services,
4. Responsible for the customers and the cooperation agreement negotiations and the completion of contracts signed with customers
5. Responsible for the light of customer needs and understanding of the relevant posts for "jobs brochure"
6. Team and the organization responsible for leading the process completed in accordance with the standard client hunting recruits, including job description and location, talent search, screening, interviewing, writing the report recommended, recommended, to help customers complete the final hiring
7. Customers to test and advisory services, and develop new customers, sales;
8. Independent professional advice, and valuable talent Mining and maintain long-term, the candidate;
9. Team members for the content and organization of work developed sales targets, incentives to teach and lead team sales targets, the team members responsible for the growth
10. Completion of other related work
Qualification: Qualification:
1. University specialist education, and good image quality;
2.2 years of work experience, open-industry (welcome talent agencies, the Advisory training institutions, insurance agencies, news agencies, recreational organizations, industry associations, government departments, cultural institutions, agencies and other HR professionals;
3. Have in a business environment, efficient searching, screening, information and data analysis capability
4. Has strong interpersonal skills and decent place telephone and face-to-face communication skills
5. Like headhunting industry and has strong talents interview skills
6. Fluent in English listening, speaking excellent English skills and writing ability
7. Better physical fitness, and ability to meet work pressure
8. Curiosity of a new thing, and is delighted to learn
9. Good sense of teamwork
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