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Consultants 1: steven xu graduated from the Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, MBA education in the past 20 years working in the field of medicine the medical industry experience and professional headhunting more than 2 years of work experience; in the hospital, foreign pharmaceutical enterprises in the Chinese medicine for a representative office manager , region manager, in large domestic pharmaceutical enterprises made sales director, medical care, the pharmaceutical industry professional advisers, broad scope of business, industry experienced. Di current medical headhunters, executive recruiters consultant to the pharmaceutical industry sales by market positions are more familiar with.

Consultants 2: jacktang working in the field of medicine pharmaceutical industry experience and more than three years of professional experience in the Chinese medicine sector headhunter particularly adept at pharmaceutical biopharmaceutical chemical known clients at home and abroad.

Consultants 3: David zou Beijing talents Research Association, graduated from Hunan Medical University, MBA qualifications. Has been in the hospital doctors, pharmaceutical companies did Human Resource Consulting, administration. Pharmaceutical jobs in the medical field who are more familiar with the incumbent Di medical consultant headhunters, executive recruiters.

Consultants 4: sandy zou medical and pharmaceutical fields more than 2 years of professional headhunting work experience; medical and pharmaceutical industry of professional consultants, and business scope broad industry experience.

In addition to the company's regular consultants, but also the pharmaceutical industry, a large number of part-time consultants, including:
1, the listed companies Holdings, the president, and large enterprise groups, vice president of foreign personnel director, human resources research professor in the composition of senior expert consultant group;
2, by some industries in the free flow of information is the information to consultants or headhunters information consultant;
3, a strong information collected from the members of the ability of consultants or personnel searched for a census personnel consultant;
4, as well as by the detective had made a criminal investigation of personnel consultants, and so on nearly 100 people.
They have become a powerful Di medical headhunting foreign aid system and the huge information network, in many crucial time to Di medical headhunting provide adequate support and protection.Di medical headhunting and attract them is not only material reward more of the medical headhunting Di Di medicine and the concept of the common vision of headhunting.

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