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1, know-your-customer company
Our goal is to fully understand the customer company and its business, just as we, as a customer service department to start.View customer's business plan and product literature, as well as "inspection, the work environment" will help us focus on refining found hunting, enhance our customer's personality and the complexity of understanding.

2, define their duties,
Successful headhunting services must be our duty to fill in the vacancies for a comprehensive understanding of the pilot.This actually already gone beyond the written form of their duties set out in the description of the scope. We will judge the main customer expectations, and this is expected to prioritize the order.
Through co-operation with customers, we have developed the necessary qualifications of the personnel, and to prepare a written job descriptions, to ensure that we can lock those most likely candidate.In most headhunting services, the program has allowed us to the company's personality and style, as well as hunting will be successful recruits have a comprehensive understanding of the candidates.

3, study
Our research department will conduct a comprehensive study and market analysis to identify those who can be the target company's greatest contribution to the success of people (usually the same industry or related industries).We recruitment technology and the adoption of the following procedures to achieve:
Di medical headhunter ( took over for the implementation of each task are new, innovative and targeted research, including direct and in-depth study of the target organisations information and competitors organizational chart.

Di medical headhunter ( has completed headhunting services in 90 per cent of those who are recruited through direct pay huge candidates. Di medical headhunter ( the use of integrated project management and database functions to the proprietary technology for our headhunting This Web-based technology to make our team found hunting for clients to efficiently provide top leadership talent.

Our extensive global network with the research capabilities of the Greater China given particular attention, and regular basis, to be used to access all available resources, contact information and industry experts.

4, and candidates contact
Any time and can resume most detailed description of customers would like to know, and a candidate for the post relevant information.Therefore, in a typical headhunting service process, we usually have 100-200 candidates face-to-face understanding.In addition, because of the personality and interview candidates in the selection process is the main factor, we would be most qualified candidates with the relevant separate interview.
5, interview candidates
In our review, the material submitted by, we will arrange for customers to meet with the selected candidates.If a customer needs some candidates more relevant data, we can use online technology to provide customers candidates psychological tests briefing.This screening process for candidates to provide an objective perspective and large amounts of data, including the ability to adapt to the culture of candidates and the ability to adapt to environmental information.With a narrower range of selection, we will verify candidate's curriculum vitae, and in the final negotiations to provide assistance.

6, tracking service
Di medical headhunter ( and the success of the candidate and his / her immediate superiors maintain contact to provide support, especially in the run-in period to ensure that all parties satisfied.We headhunting services in the entire course of the activities have been well documented.Therefore, when we once again for your company provide services, we have a fully prepared, only a small number of the briefing.Thus, for the first time, provide our headhunting services as a long-term and fruitful cooperation between the professional start

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